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    My wife and I made the switch to organic in 1998. We shopped at Whole

    Foods, bought only organic and local products, and thought we were taking great care of ourselves. But then, in 2010, my father died of cancer. Which was shocking since he was a lifelong farmer who ate only what he grew. Our question was why? It made us think very critically about our lifestyle and what we could do to be even healthier. We quickly realized that while everything we were putting in our bodies was safe and natural, the same could not be said for what we were putting on our bodies.                            As parents of twin girls, we wanted to use only natural and organic products for them. We found that most big brands contain artificial ingredients, and that many products whose labels claim to be natural and organic also contain artificial and potentially harmful ingredients. We decided that the best way to get the products that we wanted was to make our own.

    A big part of creating our new brand was talking to some very important people: the moms who would be buying our products. We call them Dolphin Moms™. We spent countless hours talking to them about the kinds of products we wanted to make and asked them for their ideas.


    The result is Dolphin Organics™. A line of personal care products for babies and young children, made only with natural and organic ingredients. Nothing man-made. Nothing artificial – not even the preservatives. Even our label is clear and honest, and shows you exactly what we put in there.


    We think you'll be as happy with our products as we, and our Dolphin Moms™ are.