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    Dolphin Organics Blog — morning rush

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    The Hassle-Free Morning Plan

    The Hassle-Free Morning Plan

    Last week we offered some tips and tricks to help you get plenty of rest, but even after a full night of shut eye, getting everyone out the door on time is almost guaranteed to be an exercise in patience. 

    Follow our 6 step plan to easy, breezy mornings and you may even have time to finish a cup of coffee while it's still hot! 

    1. Stock up on simple, nutritious breakfasts: Bring the kids to the grocery store with you a few days before school starts and let them help you shop. Having a pantry full of their (nourishing) favorites will make serving up breakfast in the morning a breeze. 
    2. Prep the night before: Pick out outfits, pack up lunches, fill water bottles and set shoes by the door. Having everything ready to grab and go could take tons of time off your morning to-do list. 
    3. Bathe the night before (you, too!): Even you're used to washing up in the morning, consider making a switch. You may find that getting into clean sheets when you're freshly washed at the end of the day feels great! A spritz or 2 of detangler in the morning will smooth hair as if it's been freshly washed. (Try our Happy Hair Bundle for perfect tresses.)
    4. Don't hit snooze: Try to get to bed on time and set your alarm for about 30 minutes before anyone needs to get up. Use this time to start a wake-up routine you enjoy. Have a cup of coffee, meditate, take a quick jog around the block. Taking some time for yourself will help you feel centered and relaxed, which will ultimately make everyone feel more at ease.
    5. Dress after breakfast: Depending on the age of your kids, mealtime messes can happen way too often. Get in the habit of eating  breakfast before getting ready for the day. That way if half a bowl of oatmeal gets dropped on your kids' shirt, it's being changed soon anyway. We also recommend brushing teeth before getting dressed, too. 
    6. Take a deep breath. Someone no longer likes the outfit they wanted to wear just 12 hours before? Someone else was doing cartwheels on the lawn while waiting for the bus and slipped in mud? We've all been there. Life with kids means that no matter how much you plan, something will inevitably go awry. Just take a deep breath and try to laugh it off. There's always tomorrow for that hot cup of coffee.