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    World Kindness Day 2017

    World Kindness Day 2017

    While we really believe every day should be kindness day, we like the idea of naming a day in hopes that it may spark people to think about the little things they can do on a given day to to show kindness and empathy to others.  Tiny little gestures, a smile, holding the elevator door, telling someone they are doing a great job, all support the idea that even the smallest gestures can have a profound impact. Today and every day.

    We at Dolphin Organics, decided that for every purchase made today on our site, we will create a personal care kit filled with Dolphin Organics products that will be delivered along with coats and other cold weather gear to those without homes on Thanksgiving weekend in NYC. We plan to bundle up some of our kids and take them into the city to help us with this effort.  We are excited to be able to help others in this small way and we look forward to sharing photos from this experience with you soon!