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    52 Weeks to Cleaner Living Series 1/52

    52 Weeks to Cleaner Living Series  1/52
    Dolphin Orgainics is committed to providing our customers with safe, organic, skin, hair and beauty products. We know firsthand how damaging toxins can be. We also know that children should live in clean, green homes and environments. And perhaps above all, we know how difficult it can be to take on this effort. To simply things a bit and to help you get started, we will share our "52 Weeks to Cleaner Living" series. Each week post one simple tip to help you improve the quality of your life and home. We hope you will join us on this journey!

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    Ten Phrases to Kiss Goodbye

    Ten Phrases to Kiss Goodbye


    We are always trying to improve here at Dolphin Organics.  Better ourselves, our families, our products.  The root of much progress lies in what we say and then of course, what we do. We realized that there are some self-limiting phrases running around that can certainly hamper growth and we decided to try to become more aware to see if we could limit their use.  See if they sound familiar to you, or if you hear them spoken by your children or other family members. Speaking these phrases may have become bad habits, and you may not even realize how commonplace they are in your life. By removing them from our vocabulary, we are finding a more positive outlook and a more productive life too.



    I wish

    I wish I was in better shape. I wish I had taken that job. "I wish" takes you away from what you currently have and where you are currently going.



    I am not

    I am not good enough, smart enough.  I am not ready for this.  I am not good enough.  Take out the "not" and you are on your way to affirming "I am".



    I just

    I just wanted to say… I just was about to...I just meant that... Instead of "just",  just say it. 



    I won't

    I won't have time for that workout. I won't be able to run 10k. I won't know what to say.  How about an example...  I won't be treated that way can become, I will set proper boundaries. Own it and you will. 



    I can't

    Can't means won't. Plain and simple.



    If only

    If only I had more time . If only my children would listen to me.  Poof, you got your “if only”, now what?  There's always another if only lurking in the shadows.



    I will when

    I will be happy when I get that promotion. I will go back to school when...I will call my Mom when I have the time.  How about now?



    I never

    I never will...I never would...I never do that...  That word never will eventually and surely get you to eat your words.




    I love you but...I want to but...I thought so but... It actually negates everything that precedes it.  



    I hate 

    I hate when...I hate that...I hate this...  Dislike, don't care for, loathe, despise.  Get creative, select from so many other great words and stop the hate.